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Non-GMO, Hand-Crafted Tortilla Chips and Salsa

Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips

The classic! Our yellow corn chip is light with just the right amount of “pillow” to create a perfect crunch, while still being the ideal dipper!

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Sweet Potato Jalapeño Chips

Our sweet potato jalapeño chip is made with sweet potato flakes to create an airy chip with actual dived jalapeños added to being just enough heat. Don't think it's hot, just wait a minute!

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Nacho Lime Tortilla Chips

A squeeze of natural lime flavor paired with bold nacho seasoning for a zesty chip!

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Multigrain Tortilla Chips

Our versatile multigrain has a natural sweetness to it. Perfect on it’s own or pairs with dips like hummus or bean dips.

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Our salsa, also manufactured in New England, is made in small batches to ensure the quality standard our customers expect. With it, you get the best of both words… freshness and shelf life.

Mild Salsa
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Medium Salsa
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Hot Salsa
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Find Pan De Oro Near You

Going on a picnic?  Need a delicious gift for a friend??  Have some ripe avocados that need mashing???  Pan De Oro is the perfect addition to any shopping list!  Let us help you find your favorite tortilla chips for every occasion.

If your favorite store isn’t on this list, please reach out to them or us and we will do our best to make buying Pan De Oro more convenient! 

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